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Learn Klingon


So you want to learn Klingon? First you’ll need a copy of this book before we get started:

You can pick it up at some bookstores, as well as eBay. There are a couple of other books you should get as well. They contain more information on the language and how it’s used by the Klingons:

There are also several online resources to help you in your journey to becoming a language warrior:

  • Learn Klingon on Facebook
  • Hol ‘ampaS, an online Klingon dictionary  I created
  • SkyBox Cards
  • pIqaD Writer, a program that converts Klingon text into pIqaD
  • Food book in pIqaD, a picture book about Klingon foods (Coming Soon)
  • Food book, a romanized (tlhIngan) version (Coming Soon)